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Sponsoring Zilla Parishad Schools

The bulk of India’s populus still resides in small villages and towns. Realizing that building careers in cities is not enough to have a positive impact on India as a whole, Vidyalankar has sponsored facility improvements in 10 schools in Chandrapur by making a donation of Rs 20 lakhs. Donations were made via the NGO “Safer Info Research Foundation” – an organization that works towards education improvement in rural areas.

Donations were made to the following schools:
1. Kothari Boys School
2. Kothari Girls School
3. Vamanika
4. Katawli
5. Amadi
6. Phalasgaon
7. Kinhi
8. Itawli
9. Manora
10. Kavadjai 

The money donated will be utilized to improve infrastructure and services to increase the effectiveness of the education delivery at the schools. The focus is on enhancing libraries, upgrading laboratories, purchasing computer software, inverters and water purifiers and providing for students’ mid day meals.